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Live Action


Scrooge (1970)-Albert Finney; some great songs!

Christmas Carol (1938)-Reginald Owen; many people would know him as Admiral Boom on "Mary Poppins;"  Spaz-boy! (have you seen that Tiny Tim?!?!?)

Christmas Carol (1999)-Patrick Stewart;

Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)-Michael Caine;  It has Muppets, it has music, it even has Sprocket.  What more could you ask for (okay, maybe a Doozer)?

Christmas Carol (1984)-George C. Scott;

Christmas Carol (2004)-Kelsey Grammar; great songs, fun way to incorporate the ghosts!




Animaniacs (1999)-Thadeous Plotz;  It's one cartoon on a whole Christmas themed tape

Maxine (2000)-Maxine; who doesn't love Maxine?  And there's nothing wrong with homemade!

Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol (1962)-Mr. Magoo; this one takes place on the stage