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Sometimes finding a fun series of books that the whole family can enjoy is a tough job to do.  Take a look at this list.  You might find some titles that you like! Brian Jacques

My favorite series of all time.  A little bit of magic, adventure, riddles, good food, and fun all rolled into one!  Don't let the use of British accents turn you'll get the hang of it in no time!  (Note: the first book in the series, Redwall, has a few "choice" words; the others are okay)


Mysterious Benedict Trenton Lee Stewart

A bit less on the fantasy side, but there's still a touch of that.  If you're a fan of riddles, there's a lot to tease your brain!


Magic Sarah Prineas

Follow the adventures of a boy who just learned that he has remarkable magical abilities and see what mischief he gets into as he tries to stop villans bent on stealing the natural magic in the world around them


*Happy Happy Sayuri Tatsuyama

 This cute manga series follows Clover, a young bunny from Crescent Woods, as she goes about getting in and out of mischief with her woodland friends.


Septimus Angie Sage

Take two newborns, one the seventh son of a seventh son and the other the daughter of the just murdered queen.  Have the boy raised in the Young Army and have the girl be raised by the boy's family.  Add some time.  What do you get?  A series full of adventure as Septimus learns about his family and trains to be a wizard and Genna has to watch out for those who want her dead just like her birth mother.  


Sisters Michael Buckley

Sabrina and Daphne Grimm think they have a pretty ordinary, boring life.  That is, until their parents disappear, they find out that they have a long lost grandma, and they discover that they are the descendents of the Grimm Brothers.  Not only that, but they find out that all of the fairy tale characters are real, including the fairies from "A Midsummer Night's Dream."  With the help of Granny Relna, Mr. Canis, and Puck, the girls must learn what it means to be a part of the Grimm family as they try to find out what happened to their parents and what the meaning of the ominous Scarlet Hand that keeps appearing.


Jake James Rollins

What does Mayan treasure have to do with the disappearence of their parents?  That's exactly what Jake and Kady want to find out.  But doing so leads them into a world where people have been taken from all cultures and times and have adapted to a new way of life.  Will they ever find out who's behind the disappearence of their parents?  And how exactly are all of these people being pulled to a land out of time?


*Nathaniel Fludd, R. L. LaFevers

Nathaniel, trying to recover from the disappearence of his parents, discovers that he has one remaining relative in the world---his aunt Phil.  Not only did he not know about his aunt, but he must come to understand and accept his family's legacy.  He must learn what it means to be a Beastologist and what lengths he and his aunt must go to to protect these mythological creatures.


*Magic Mary Pope Osborne

Jack and Annie are brother and sister, going about their ordinary lives.  One day, they spot an ordinary tree house in the woods near their home.  What do they find inside?  Something completely out of the ordinary!  Using the magic of Morgan Le Fay and Merlin, Jack and Annie go on wonderful adventures, help others, and learn valuable lessons along the way.  Great series if you are wanting a mix of fantasy and fact! 


*Dragon Slayers Kate McMullan

 What is Wilgaf going to find when he goes to DSA?  How about a headmaster obsessed with gold, a boy who's actually a princess in disguise, and tons of adventure?  And how about a wizard who can't use magic properly, a pig who talks (in Pig Latin, of course), and a baby dragon who thinks that Wiglaf is his mommy?  These books are light, funny, and are quick reads. 


*Araminta Angie Sage

Follow the adventures of Araminta Spooky, a young girl who lives with her Aunt Tabby, who tends to be very cross, and her Uncle Drac, who sells bat poo, likes to knit fish shaped hats, and sleep in the bat turret in a sleeping bag.  There's no telling what kinds of things will happen when Araminta meets the Wizzard family, searches for ghost and other such things.


*Dragon Kate Klimo

When Jesse comes across a unique rock while looking for geodes, he doesn't expect a baby dragon to hatch from it!  In this series of books, Jesse and his cousin Daisy must raise Emmy the dragon, while keeping Daisy's parents from discovering her existance and while trying the protect the young dragon from the fabled St. George, who likes to hunt down dragons and drink their blood.


The Secret Bryan Chick

 What would happen if there was a place where all of the animals in the world could be protected, a place where animals thought to be extinct or not even exist can be found?  And what would happen if someone went missing in this place?  Find the answers to these questions and discover even more mysteries in The Secret Zoo.


The Grimm Polly Shulman

You've heard of libraries that loan out books.  But what about libraries that loan out items?  And not just any items---magical items that are connected to fairy tales!  And what would you do if those items started to not work any more?  Find out what happens in what is the first in a new series!


The Books of Jacqueline West

When Olive moves into a new house, the last thing she expects to do is find a pair of magical glasses that will let her go into paintings and talk to their inhabitants.  But what exactly are some of those inhabitants afraid of?  And what is up with the cats? Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson
Aldwyn is a cat on the run.  But is he running away from danger or straight to it?  He finds his way to a magic creature shop, where he is chosen to the be the familair of a young wizard.  A young wizard who just happens to end up being kidnapped along with his sister and another fellow wizard in training.  Can Aldwyn and his fellow familairs find the young wizards in training before it's too late???  And how are their lives going to change from what they learn on their journey?


Hero's Guide to Saving Your Christopher Healy

Think every Prince Charming in the stories are the same guy?  Well, guess what...they're not!  And the princes aren't happen about the tales being told about them.  Find out what they do about this and how their lives are going after their "Happily Ever Afters" in this first book of a new series.  And to top it all off, it's the author's debut novel!



My favorite series published by Shadow Mountain/Deseret Book/Covenant Communication:


Far J. Scott Savage

Is there more than one universe?  Discover the world of Far World, where a boy named Marcus is wheelchair bound in our reality, but is able to walk in Far World, and a girl named Kyra, who is the only person in Far World that is unable to do magic.  Will they be able to successfully find representatives of all of the elements in time to save our reality and Far World? Brandon Mull

Kendra and Seth are about to spend time with grandparents that they hardly know...grandparents with a secret.  That secret will change their lives forever.  What exactly is Fablehaven?  It's a sanctuary for mythical animals thought to no longer exists...fairies, brownines, satyrs, centaurs, goblins, just to name  a few.  Will Kendra and Seth be able to survive in this new found world?  And what about the Society of the Evening Star?


Candy Shop Brandon Mull

Think today's novelty candies are fun?  Well, what if you could get your hands on some magic candy?  You'd think that it's great fun, wouldn't you?  But what if all of the adults around started to not care about what you were doing and started caring about white fudge instead?  And what about the fact that the new candy store owner wants you to use the magic candy to break into a museum in the middle of the night or dig up a grave?  What then?  Find out what happens when these exact things take place in the first book in the Candy Shop War series.


Leven Obert Skye

What would you do if you find out that there is a world that makes dreaming possible?  And what would you do if you found out that you are the only one who has to power to save that world and your own?  Would you ignore everything going on around you and let the world of Foo die, believing that nothing would happen to your own world and people's ability to dream?  Or would you fight for the world of Foo and imagination?


Adventurers M. L. Forman

Ever wanted to be able to step into a world of elves, dwarves, and the like?  That is exactly what happens to Alex in the opening chapters of Slathbog's Gold, the first book in this series.  Learn along side him as he finds out what it means to be an Adventurer and what dangers lie ahead.  This is one of those few times where I have found a book that reminds me of video games.  I hope one might eventually be created where you can become an Adventurer yourself.


13th James Dashner

Meet Aticus Higginbottom, or Tick as he is often called.  Life is normal, until he starts receiving strange letters.  By following the instructions found in this letters, a whole new world, where different realities are created by our decisions, is opened to Tick.  Will Tick and his friends be able save the various realities from dying at the hands of Mistress Jane?


Hazzardous Julie Wright and Kevin Wasden

Any book where one of the main characters is named Hap Hazzard is bound to be fun.  And toss in a few aliens, spaceships, an abduction, and other things like that and you have a great beginning to a new series! Tyler Whitesides

Spencer and Daisy have a problem-they're seeing creatures in their school that no one else seems to see.  That is, no one else but the janitors.  What exactly are these creatures, and who can they trust - the BEM or the janitors that broke away from that organization?


Cragbridge Chad Morris

Abby and Derick are accepted into a prestigious filled with wonderful inventions, including a revolutionary way to look into the past, which just happened to be designed by their grandfather.  But, where did he go?  What are the clues about...and just where are their parents???


*Denotes titles especially suited for younger readers.